… What are the benefits of taking this class as opposed to just finding a dental assisting job with little or no prior work experience?

… Most dental offices would admit to being hesitant in hiring applicants who have minimal to no work experience and require on the job training. Not only does this start to hamper the daily activities of the dental practice, but can frequently lead to frustrated staff members who have to assume the responsibility of training the new employee while trying to complete their numerous daily tasks. This program was designed to more than adequately prepare students to adapt to various types of dental offices and allow them to excel in their new job at a much more rapid pace.

… After completing the 10 week course, can this program help me to find a job in a dental office?

… The Dental Assistant School of Rockland networks with dentists in all of the surrounding counties to provide their offices the opportunity to find graduates from this program which meet their employment needs.

… Will this course still benefit me if I choose to move out of state?

… Yes. Basically, dental assisting knowledge and skills are very much uniform, especially in the areas of dental materials, operatory setups, and front desk job duties. Therefore, the knowledge you gain from this program will carry over very well in helping you to adapt to any dental office or facility located in the USA and Canada.

… Does this program offer additional help for students who are struggling with understanding the course material?

… On a weekly basis, review sessions are given during the lecture process which not only reinforces important concepts, but also provides students ample opportunities to ask questions while helping the instructors identify areas which need further clarification. If any student is falling behind with certain aspects of the program, these students will be able to request additional time for “tutoring” sessions (at no additional charge) either after class or on a separate day, depending on the students and instructors availability.

Q … If I am already working in a dental office, would this course still be beneficial to me?

A … Absolutely!! One of the many goals of this program is to encourage students to further their knowledge in the dental profession by learning not only concepts in dental assisting, but also in areas such as dental hygiene and the various dental specialties. This course is designed to provide students with an education the will allow them to have clinical as well as administrative skills which makes them a very valuable asset to any dental office.